Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Back to School Icebreaker: Who's Who?

Tired of the same old "Tic Tac Toe" icebreaker? Try my "Who's who" icebreaker!

Who's Who:
The teacher selects images of persons from current events over the summer and or last school year. Each picture is cut out and placed inside an envelop with a number on the front or back. Students are put into groups at random. Each group has 10-15 minutes (the time is determined by the teacher) to name each person in the photo (1 point) as well as the reason why they have been in the news recently (1 point). Once the time is up, each group gets to grade another groups responses. The teacher projects the images one by one and the students help create the answer key. The winning group gets....bragging rights!

Why I love this icebreaker: 
1. This game is all about team work, students are paired at random and are forced to work together by bouncing ideas off of each other. 
2. It forces students to think about the world around them and meaningful conversations can develop during the challenge as well as during the reveal of each photo. 
3. The teacher gets an idea of students personalities, interactions with others, as well as their knowledge of current events. 
4. It's so much fun, especially with a competitive group of students (adults like it too). 

Teacher tips:
1. For older students select photos of the person that rarely seen or images of the person at a younger age. Printing the photos in color is sometimes helpful. 
2. Use ListSelector to form the groups at random and project the wheel in front of the class.
3. Set a timer and project the timer, occasionally remind students to check the time.
4. Avoid assigning jobs, try and let positions form naturally in each group.

PPT to reveal answer key

Saturday, March 29, 2014

iLearn with ChatterPix

What if you could make an organism come to life? Have you ever seen a math equation talk? Have you ever wanted to know what the main character of your novel was really thinking? Well look no further, ChatterPix makes learning come to life.  With ChatterPix you can take any picture and make any person or thing in the picture talk. You can record up to 30 seconds of audio. I used this last week with a primary source and my students copied down notes from the recording. They giggled, I giggled, they learned, I smiled. 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Knowmia Got A Make Over: Introducing "Assignments"

Knowmia now has an assessment feature added to their site. Teachers can upload open response questions, multiple choice questions, or numerical questions(math friends) to a panel. Teachers can add their own Knowmia video or upload one from sites like YouTube. Teachers can give live feedback to student responses and students can respond back (this feature can be turned off). They even added a textbook component where you can upload an image from a textbook and let students know what page(s) to review. 

I appreciate the assessment feature added to the site, I like it better than BlendSpace. I do have some suggestions though, why not let teachers add links to other sites other than YouTube? Most districts block YouTube for teachers and students. Also, make adding images more feasible for teachers when creating their assignments. I like the image feature on your app which gives you a search engine to upload images immediately other than copying and pasting images from other resources. 

Overall I really like the feature, now my kids can work more as digital citizens and save some trees. 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tech Tip Tuesday

If you are using iPads in the class room a great tool to use is a QR creator and scanner for students. You create a QR code by copying and pasting a link to a site in a QR generator and the QR image appears. Give students 4 or 5 codes to scan as they do independent work. This helps our kinesthetic learns try something more hands on. 

Want to take it a step further? Create  a gallery walk activity where students have to scan codes on posters around your room. The codes would take them to a site which would then be linked to an assessment that you hand them for completion

Friday, January 3, 2014

Are You Ready for Your NextLesson?

I recently came across this resource when reviewing some of Edmodo's top apps of 2013. This resource is similar to Edmodo's Blendspace app, NextLesson lets teachers transfer a variety of material into one place. Teachers can upload video clips, documents, links, and more. This site does do something Blendspace does not, it tracks student movement on the site. For instance, students cannot move on to task two without completing task one. Like Blendspace teachers can use and edit other teachers projects or create their own project from scratch.

Thursday, November 21, 2013


I came across this resource on Edmodo last week. This web resource looks like a comic strip. Teachers drag different types of content on to each panel. Teachers can post: images, video clips, power points, quizzes, and much more. I love this resource because students are not only engaged but they are showing understanding in multiple ways. The teacher can interact with the student directly on the site through messaging. I also like this resource because students can work at their own pace; they can pause a video or zoom in and out on a map.

How do I use BlendSpace?
I give students a packet that is interactive with my BlendSpace board. I use my own Show Me videos, power points, and quizzes to assess student learning.

This site is the future of learning in my classroom.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Please Be Seated

Be Seated is a free app available for the iPad that complies a list of names and even the faces of your students. This app relieves teachers of the headache of creating a seating chart by hand. You first design your classroom: pairs, rows, groups of four, etc. Once you import the names of your students Be Seated assigns them a desk. Be Seated will randomly seat your students and then you can move your students around as you see fit with the touch of your finger. Finally you can email the seating chart or print it out.

Back to School Icebreaker: Who's Who?

Tired of the same old "Tic Tac Toe" icebreaker? Try my "Who's who" icebreaker! Who's Who: The teacher se...