Monday, July 22, 2013

List Selector: The App You Use To Randomly Select Students

I stumbled upon this app last year and I cannot seem to put it down. This app allows you to randomly select: individual students, pairs of students, or make groups of students. I use the app in front of my classes on a daily basis via the iPad. If we are going over homework, guided reading questions, or playing a game I use this app. The app holds all students accountable for their work in my class because they never know when or if they will be called upon. My students like the app because they know it’s random, all the students are quiet until the names are revealed…it’s pretty hilarious.

I have also explored other ways to use this app such as inputting content information like vocabulary terms or names. As a Do Now or Exit Slip I will have the app select 5 or 6 terms and have the students write a cohesive paragraph using those terms in the order in which they appear. Sometimes I will pick 5 terms or names and call on students to create a question using that term and have another student answer. Again, using this app really holds all students accountable in the class, it’s wonderful! 


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