Thursday, August 1, 2013

Meet My Intern: Edmodo

Edmodo is a social networking site for teachers and students. To students it looks like Facebook, to teachers it looks like Course Web with upscale features. Edmodo holds students accountable for handing in assignments on time and staying organized. Edmodo tracks students progress throughout the year all while keeping parents informed. Edmodo is like an organized intern that never makes a mistake! 

 Here are some ways that I have used Edmodo efficiently in the classroom over the last 3 years:

Expecting a guest? I once had a state representative come in and speak to my government class. I created a "group" on Edmodo and I had students (after researching the representative) post questions from their seats via Edmodo. These questions would appear on the SmartBoard, the representative would select the questions he wanted to answer. The guest speaker was comfortable because he was able to pick his questions and my students were excited when their question was answered.

Make differentiation easy: I found it very feasible to differentiate homework, projects, and tests using Edmodo. On the day of a test or quiz I would actually send my IEP students the adapted test directly. This way they would not have to leave the room, or get a different color test, etc.

Not your average poll questions: I have used poll questions for the Presidential Election, Breakfast Invitations, or "Do Now" document based questions. This is a tool to quickly assess student learning, plus students answer anonymously.

Need a vacation? Edmodo makes a substitutes life a lot easier. Post your class assignment to your students and have your students turn it in by the end of the class period.

Never hand grade again! Edmodo has a quiz feature that acts like a modern day scantron. Teachers can ask T/F questions, multiple choice, short answer, essay, and matching. Teachers can also time each quiz. When I give students a test on Edmodo, I select 45 minutes since my class ends around that time. When I assign a quiz for homework, I may ask 10 questions and I may only allow my students 25 minutes. Edmodo will grade your test or quiz (essay questions must be graded in real time) because you tell Edmodo the correct answers. Teachers can also randomize the questions.

Grade written assessments the modern way: Have students upload their word document file to the assignment you create. Once students have uploaded their paper, you can actually edit their paper by commenting, highlighting, or crossing out information directly on their paper. Students can go back and view your critiques.

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