Monday, September 2, 2013

Student News

Fridays are "Student News Day" in my classroom! Carl Azuz, the host of Student News, composes a  variety of national and international news stories for students. Each day a 10 minute clip is available for teachers to stream in the classroom. Carl breaks down difficult concepts like the "fiscal cliff" in terms that students can understand. Student News also does a great job of keeping the kids in the loop about days of observance around the world. The site offers resources for teachers like quizzes and maps for each news report.

What are my students doing while Student News is playing?

"3-2-1" My students are writing down three facts they hear in the clip, 2 locations Carl mentions, and they are creating 1 quiz question about the news report. At the end of the clip students will switch quiz questions with another student, who is then responsible for answering the question correctly.


"Who? What? Where? Why?" My students choose one news story to answer Who? What? Where? Why? during the news report.

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