Thursday, November 21, 2013


I came across this resource on Edmodo last week. This web resource looks like a comic strip. Teachers drag different types of content on to each panel. Teachers can post: images, video clips, power points, quizzes, and much more. I love this resource because students are not only engaged but they are showing understanding in multiple ways. The teacher can interact with the student directly on the site through messaging. I also like this resource because students can work at their own pace; they can pause a video or zoom in and out on a map.

How do I use BlendSpace?
I give students a packet that is interactive with my BlendSpace board. I use my own Show Me videos, power points, and quizzes to assess student learning.

This site is the future of learning in my classroom.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Please Be Seated

Be Seated is a free app available for the iPad that complies a list of names and even the faces of your students. This app relieves teachers of the headache of creating a seating chart by hand. You first design your classroom: pairs, rows, groups of four, etc. Once you import the names of your students Be Seated assigns them a desk. Be Seated will randomly seat your students and then you can move your students around as you see fit with the touch of your finger. Finally you can email the seating chart or print it out.

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