Thursday, February 27, 2014

Knowmia Got A Make Over: Introducing "Assignments"

Knowmia now has an assessment feature added to their site. Teachers can upload open response questions, multiple choice questions, or numerical questions(math friends) to a panel. Teachers can add their own Knowmia video or upload one from sites like YouTube. Teachers can give live feedback to student responses and students can respond back (this feature can be turned off). They even added a textbook component where you can upload an image from a textbook and let students know what page(s) to review. 

I appreciate the assessment feature added to the site, I like it better than BlendSpace. I do have some suggestions though, why not let teachers add links to other sites other than YouTube? Most districts block YouTube for teachers and students. Also, make adding images more feasible for teachers when creating their assignments. I like the image feature on your app which gives you a search engine to upload images immediately other than copying and pasting images from other resources. 

Overall I really like the feature, now my kids can work more as digital citizens and save some trees. 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tech Tip Tuesday

If you are using iPads in the class room a great tool to use is a QR creator and scanner for students. You create a QR code by copying and pasting a link to a site in a QR generator and the QR image appears. Give students 4 or 5 codes to scan as they do independent work. This helps our kinesthetic learns try something more hands on. 

Want to take it a step further? Create  a gallery walk activity where students have to scan codes on posters around your room. The codes would take them to a site which would then be linked to an assessment that you hand them for completion

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